We offer internet services for persons and companies which desire the use of the Jebb.com domain name. Currently these services include email accounts and website redirection.

Services Yearly Rates
Email Account
Gives you a POP3 or IMAP accessed email account at Jebb.com
Email Forwarding
Gives you an email address at Jebb.com. Email messages sent to this address are forwarded to your current email address, or any email address of your choice.
Forwarding To Multiple Address
Same as the Email Forwarding service, with the addition of forwarding messages to multiple email address of your choice, from a single Jebb.com account.
$ 5.95
Funneling From Multiple Addresses
Same as the Email Fowarding service, with the addition of receiving email at multiple Jebb.com accounts, with all messages forward to a single email address of your choice.
$ 6.95
Website Redirection
Gives you a web page at Jebb.com which instantly and automatically redirects surfers to your website, or a website of your choice.
Special Services
Webpage hosting, website hosting, website development, www.jebb.com rental, etc. Just let the website administrator know what you are interested in.

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